Reflection on Building a New Shop

During the last two months in the new shop, I looked back and reflected on the shop building project. Despite previous experiences with multiple renovation projects of my own home, the building of the shop have brought new experiences – both good and bad ones. Design Phase Due to the push by the centre management


SWOT Analysis of Newsagencies Industry

After hearing so many negative feedback from newsagents and ex-newsagents, I decided to analysis the Newsagencies industry using one Marketing tool: SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis enable future planning for existing newsagents or soon-to-be newsagents. This SWOT analysis looks at the four key aspects of the Newsagencies industry: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths Strong relationship


Clean Up Boot Partition on Ubuntu

I’ve found this little snippet of code very useful in cleaning the /boot partition on Ubuntu. dpkg --get-selections | \ grep 'linux-image*' | \ awk '{print $1}' | \ egrep -v "linux-image-$(uname -r)|linux-image-generic" | \ while read n do apt-get -y remove $n done


Selling Movies and Musics Is Not A Bad Idea

After a trial period of 2 months of selling movies and musics, despite the wide spread of downloading from the Internet, we decided to continue selling them. Being a newsagency in a small shopping centre within a lower to medium income earners as the market, the sales were not huge. The previous owners were selling


The real cause of Gerry Harvey’s ‘unfair disadvantage’ competition

A recent debate started by Gerry Harvey’s claimed that local retailers were at an ‘‘unfair disadvantage’’ in competing against goods bought from overseas. Gerry pointing the finger at the GST do not get levied on the goods bought from oversea that caused this “unfair disadvantage”. However, if this situation gets looked at clearly, there  are


Exhausted Two-Week Old Newsagent

After two weeks in the newsagency, I still have so much to learn. The On-The-Job training that I had only shown me the tip of an ice-berge of the life of a newsagent. The training only shown me enough “Customer Service” and very little administrative work. Luckily, I have my lovely wife, Van, to help