How to have your own business on the web for $57

Yesterday, I discuss a simple way to have your promote your business online for free. Today, I will take you further in your web marketing. The free blogging sites discussed is a great start but having your own web address or domain name is more professional. Your own domain name would give you more credibility


Business Continuity Planning – Backup Your Business To Survive

All businesses exist for one sole purpose. Making profit is only a by-product doing one and only one thing well – that is serving the customers. To serve the customer well, your business must continuosly perform at your best all the time regardless any disruptions. Business Continiuity Planning (BCP) is not just for the big


Free Word Processor and Spreadsheet Software For Your Business

I came across many occasions that I was able to save my employers money through adopting alternative vendors when choosing business softwares during my brief 12 years working in Information Technology (IT). Now, I have my own business, I am using what the knowledge I have acquired through those 12 years. In this post, I