Great result requires more than a group of great individuals

Putting a group of great talented individuals together doesn’t achieve great result if not every single individual be part of the team. According to the, a group is any collection or assemblage of persons or things while a team is a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest. That is, a group is merely a collection of individuals with common attributes while a team is a collection of individuals with a common goal.

An organisation with mixture of individuals that think and act in the self-interest of the individuals then that organisation will fail to delivery the objectives of the organisation. The organisation will cease to exist. For example, the organisation is formed to delivery a major project for its client. To do so, the head of the organisation put together a group of highly skilled individuals. Some individuals will not work and follow common standards, protocols and procedures unless these came from these individuals and everyone must follows. If not everyone follows then the individual will go his/her own way. While, there are some individuals do not have the patience nor the understanding for others who do not comprehend the specialised area of these individuals. These individuals will talk down the others.

If the head of the organisation take no action to addresses these sort of attitude then they will result in a fragmented organisation that do not have the trust, the understanding or the respect for each other. Hence, there is no cohesion within the organisation therefore the organisation will break and not able to achieve the organisation’s goals.

While a team has more than a collection of talented individuals. A team has:

  • Understandings
  • Ownership
  • Creativity and Contribution
  • Trust
  • Common Understandings
  • Personal Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Participative Decision Making
  • Clear Leadership
  • Commitment