Wavemaker – a promising web interface builder

I stumbled upon Wavemaker during one of my nightly stroll through the sourceforge website. The download and installation of Wavemaker was quick and easy process that took only 10minutes.

Using one of the tutorial videos, I managed to quickly build up a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) application for existing database table on Postgres. The development process was as simple as click, select and drop the widgets the canvas within a quick and intuitive web interface. After 15 minutes playing with Wavemaker, I got my first application deployed.

On the surface, the CRUD style application has a similar style as the old VB-based applications on Windows. Except, this is on the web and it doesn’t tie to any particular database. However, digging deeper, Wavemaker is more than VB. It has other capabilities, including calling a web service. Wavemaker hides the tedious and boring process of generating the Hibernate maps from the developer.

However, Wavemaker would be great if has other capabilities such as creating a web services and able to plug easily in JBoss Portal or Liferay.

Despite the shortfalls, I can see Wavemaker will be as strong as Jboss or Eclipse in 3 to 5 years time when it is more mature and have build up a bigger user community.